25 Degrees - Hotel G Singapore presents mouthwatering burgers from Los Angeles

Two years on from its opening, 25 Degrees continues to reinvent burgers and delivers excitement through their menu. They first began as a wine and liquor bar that originated from Los Angeles, before the endorsement from A-List celebrities made it their go-to burger joint. The outlet in Singapore evokes classic Hollywood charm with its burgundy wallpaperer. According to the restaurant staff, no reservations are allowed for the 40-seater restaurant except through CHOPE. The restaurant was quite packed for a weekday night. There is a wide selection of imported cheese, fries and unique dipping sauces that, according to them, cannot be found anywhere else.
Valid till end August - Cheesy Mac Attack (S$18)

Cheesy Mac Attack - S$18

Is it a Mac N' Cheese? Is it a burger? It's a Cheesy Mac Attack! Valid till the end of August, this burger made a comeback due to its popular demand. Hidden beneath the brown crusted "buns" are delightful mac n' cheese. It's a stellar theatrical experience piercing through the butter-soft beef patty, caramelised onions, bacon, swiss and nacho cheese. Even the arugula rocket leaves are as fresh as you can get. Be warned - juices run like the mighty Amazon river with each bite. Best eaten with hands!
25 Degrees Singapore review Cheesy Mac Attack - S$18

25 Degrees Singapore review Cheesy Mac Attack - S$18

Cheesy mac Attack burger Singapore


There are six types of burgers sold at 25 Degrees - ranging from number one to four, buttermilk fried chicken burger and veggie burger. We tried the most popular option from 25 degrees, Number One, which consists of beef patty, caramelized onions, crescenza, prelibato, gorgonzola, bacon and arugula. There is also a drizzle of thousand island sauce. I would prefer if the burger was served in a rustic, wooden flat dish instead for a stronger personality. But the taste makes it memorable enough.

Number One


Nothing beats an old-fashioned chicken burger, and this one comes in the form of a chicken thigh. Topped with the usual fresh tomatoes and lettuce, the burger also has pickled daikon and spicy miso bbq sauce added. This gives the burger a unique, distinct personality and sets itself apart from the rest.



All of us agreed that the onion rings were really good. I'm a die-hard fan of onion rings - this one doesn't disappoint. The batter does not separate itself from the onions which shows the expertise of the chef. There wasn't much oily residue left behind, and the onion rings were still crispy even though we took quite a bit of time to finish it (lots of phototaking, you see)!

25 Degrees Singapore Onion Rings side dish
Onion Rings


The restaurant staff says that there's an even filthier version - but we decided to go with this. Topped with bacon gravy, caramelised onions, spring onions and nacho cheese, the filthy fries is the kind of side dish that would make a good snack while watching netflix.

Filthy Fries

Curly Fries - S$5

This is no ordinary curly fries - it is topped with toasted sesame and a slight sweet-savory sauce. A piquant delight!

Tuscan Tomato Soup - S$6 (small) / S$9 (large)

Tracy ordered the tomato soup and said it was quite delicious. As I'm not a fan of tomatoes, I can't give any review on this dish. Try it and let me know!

25 Degrees Singapore Tuscan Tomato Soup - S$6 (small) / S$9 (large)

KRONENBOURG 1664 BLANC 250ml - S$16.00

My favourite type of wheat beer and it still is! Kronenbourg has been consistent in delivering the fresh and fruity flavours with citrusy aroma in this white wheat beer range.

KRONENBOURG 1664 BLANC 250ml - S$16.00

Craft beers - S$16

Craft beers always have their own unique taste and the design on the bottles tells a lot about its personality. The KONA Hanalei Island IPA is one of my favourites - it is brewed with passion fruit, orange and guava and it is at around 4.5% alcohol value. I've seen Mac's Three Wolves in New Zealand before but didn't get to try it as I'm not into bitter beers. This full-flavoured pale ale comes from three types of hops and it has aroma pine with a hint of grapefruit. The big wave golden ale did not have much foam, but its clear, light-golden appearance is refreshing and light.
craft beers in Singapore
Craft beer

Potato Chips Milkshake - S$12

I ran a poll on my instagram story and only 40% of the voters were willing to try it. I was initially part of the group that was against the idea of this milkshake, but boy was I surprised! The milkshake, although starchy, had a nice vanilla fragrance. If I had the chance, I would order it again.

Potato Chips milkshake review

Potato Chips milkshake review
Thank you Ai Ling (@rain498) for the invitation and Jasmine from @25degreesinsingapore for hosting us!
Attendees: Hence & Tracy (@chubbybotakkoala), Ivan (@ivan_teh_runningman), Alvin (@o_oican), Kris (@msginginly).

25 Degrees Singapore
Address: Hotel G Singapore, 200 Middle Road, Singapore
Phone: +65 6809 7990
E-mail: 25degreesSG@randblab.com
Facebook : 25 Degrees Singapore
Instagram : 25 Degrees Singapore
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