Shepherd's Pie Delivery for parties, gatherings and more

Shepherd's Pie journey started in 2011 when they were looking to find some good old Shepherd’s Pies for a Christmas party. It was difficult to find someone to bake them and that's when they made their own Shepherd’s Pies! Over the years, they have since refined and perfected their recipe to what they believe to be the tastiest, freshest Shepherd’s Pies in Singapore. delivery

Serving More and More
As people tried their pies, more people started sending in requests for delivery. This extended to more than just Christmas parties. Friends and family started ordering for birthdays, school events, dinners and even regularly just because they tasted so good!

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There are 9 different types of pies available, and the team also sells Mac N' Cheese. Their menu starts as low as $4.90, depending on the size of shepherd pie you're looking for.

Beef Shepherd's Pie
Black Pepper Beef Shepherd's pie
Premium Beef Curry Shepherd's Pie
Rendang Beef Shepherd's Pie 
Shroom beef shepherd's pie

Chicken Shepherd's Pie
Black Pepper Chicken Shepherd's pie
Premium Beef Chicken Shepherd's Pie
Rendang Chicken Shepherd's Pie 
Shroom Chicken shepherd's pie

5-Spices Vegetarian Supreme Shepherd’s Pie

How to order from

  1. Ordering our pies is simple! Simply select the pie you want, and click on the cart icon in the top right of our website.
  2. Our pies are baked fresh and our ingredients prepared freshly, so they have to be ordered one day in advance. 
  3. Cut Off Timing For Next Day Delivery: 5pm 
  4. All pies for next day delivery will have to be ordered before 5pm.
  5. Delivery Time Slots:
  • Time Slot 1: 11-1pm
  • Time Slot 2: 1-3pm
  • Time Slot 3: 6-8pm

Delivery Costs

Standard Delivery Cost: $7
Free Delivery For Orders Above $70

Freshly Delivered Hot
All our Shepherd’s Pies can be delivered hot or frozen!

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